Other Links and Resources to Learn More

Below are some other groups seeking to preserve the CBC

Groundwork Atlanta's page on the CBC provides more valuable information about both the current owners of the site as well as some information about the possible positive impact of developing the site in a community-oriented way. Check out their page here.

Some groups would like to use the CBC land for a river-walk along the Chattahoochee river. You can find an article speaking on that here.

11alive news aired a story in 2016 regarding one time in the past that a local had attempted to bring attention the the site. At this time however, the existence of original structures was unknown. Read the transcript and watch the news recording here.

We are currently working with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance to preserve the property. Due to the property's proximity to both the Chattahoochee and Proctor creek, any chemical transport in this area could cause major pollution in these waterways.

The Proctor Creek Watershed in particular is extremely important to the surrounding communities and severe pollution could cause immense damage to the ecosystem many people and animals call home.